D’GaiaNOOF is a way of saying that

Deep Green Awakening Is A Network Of Overlapping Friendships

The purpose of D’GaiaNOOF is to encourage self-education, eco-activism and mutual emotional support in small, self-organizing teams.  We hope this head-plus-hands-plus-heart approach will allow people to stay engaged with mending the Earth over long periods of time.

Decentralized, power-in-the-branches, organizing has already changed the world in major ways, as explored and explained in the recent book, The Starfish and the Spider  (used copies appx $2)Click here for an 11-page summary of the book.  

To see how D’GaiaNOOFers have put this approach into action, please download and study our Teams-of-Two User Guide.  Then find a friend, start (or join) a mend-the-Earth action project, and contribute your project product or progress report to the world via the web as a free PDF, MP3, Facebook post, or video.

The basic ideas in the Teams-of-Two guide are all in the public domain or creative commons, so you are welcome and blessed to use them to carry forward any of your own already existing mend-the-Earth projects.  

Please share your journey with us.

Dennis Rivers, MA 
on behalf of D’GaiaNOOFers everywhere
(all fifteen of us!)

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